• PhilipZ

Day 111

Monday, March 25, 2019 -

I was so blessed and encouraged to have Kathie visit me today, especially since she has been feeling so poorly. I realized last week, however, that some things don’t come about but by fasting and prayer, and I’ve been leaving out the fasting. Pray for me that I will faithfully fast for my wife’s well-being and my vindication.

In that regard, Satan has been tempting to discourage me, something which can easily happen while you’re in prison and boredom often seems overwhelming. Usually spending more time in the Word will cure boredom and cause discouragement to dissipate.

Kathie has been an amazing help-meet and encourager to me. One could not ask for a more supportive and adoring wife! I thank our friend Cami for helping drive her here and for God to bless her for it.

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