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Day 116

Saturday, March 30, 2019 -

This week someone, I do not know who sent me an excellent little book I read in one evening. It is entitled How God Gave Us the Canon of the Scriptures; What THEY Don’t Want You to Know by Jeffrey A. Weakley. Whomever, maybe perhaps the author, sent this to me, thank you! I encourage every Christian to read it! This book documents from the Bible and from the records of the church fathers how God gave us the canon of the Scriptures. The information in this book has been suppressed by the established institutions of modern Christianity. I believe they don’t want this information in the hands of Bible-loving Christians for several reasons. Perhaps because much of what we’re taught today is wrong, perhaps it will hinder profitable publishing ventures, or perhaps there are other more nefarious or heretical purposes. Perhaps it is ignorance. But nevertheless, you owe it to yourself to take two or three hours and read it. DO NOT BE IGNORANT!

It is quite fascinating and will exceedingly strengthen your faith as you learn how God Himself set forth what was to be included in His Holy Scriptures. What you learn in this book is not new. It was commonly believed by everyone prior to the last 100 years or so and is very well documented. And every word in the Bible was cemented by God Himself using the Apostles to determine the words of Scripture in our Bible today.

This was well-documented 150 years prior to the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, unlike what many have been falsely taught to believe in our classrooms today.

This superb book goes on to show, using the Scripture itself, the origin of the final canonization of Scripture, which in fact took place in 96 AD. I will not be the spoiler, because I want you to buy the book and read it, which you must do!

The author also proves, as a result of his excellent research, the reasons why translations based on the Textus Receptus should be used for modern translations (which it is normally not), as it was the text which formed the basis of the Bibles used by the early church fathers. Many modern translations use the Alexandrian Texts, which have been found to be flawed for reasons you’ll have to read in the last chapter of the book.

Trust me, you owe it to yourself to read this little book! It will bring blessings to you!

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29 oct. 2019

This book sounds wonderful. Shall go right now to see if I can get it through Amazon. Thanks for the "heads-up", Bro!

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