• PhilipZ

Day 424

Saturday, February 1, 2020 -

Today, after our Bible study, “R,” who I consider a student of the Bible, told me, “You know, I’ve never studied the Bible in this way. I really enjoy this.” I asked him, “Do you mean by going verse by verse, studying it in context, looking at the original meaning as it is written in Greek, in light of other Scriptures, and the culture of the times?” He said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.” One of the other men then said, “Yes, this is really an excellent Bible study.”

After I walked back with “R” to the unit from the rec yard, I told him, “You know, maybe you can take over for me when I’m gone – that is, if you’re still here!” He replied, “I’ve got a feeling your ministry in here is a very special ministry, and it’ll be impossible to replace you.” What reassuring words God has sent my way to encourage my own heart from these men who are being radically transformed in the image of Christ! I praise God that perhaps I can play even a small role in their lives and help them grow in the Lord! I needed this reassurance today that my time here is not for naught!

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