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Day 484

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 -

Today is the first day of two weeks of semi-complete lockdown, which began at midnight. We are being confined to our cells with the exception of two hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. During this time 50 to man half the unit, have 120 minutes to place a 15-minute phone call (on two phones), take a shower (in 4 shower stalls), and check and send emails ( a 30 minute limit on 4 terminals). It is chaotic and makes “social distancing” impossible. Furthermore, probably no less than 20 men from outside the prison came into the unit, and we are required to all line up to receive mail and meals, which are skimpy! This is not quarantine! But then again, it is a part of the government bureaucracy, of which little makes sense. I’ve got to admit, whoever is in charge of making these decisions is not very bright.

Furthermore, high risk, older, non-violent, non-sex offenders are supposed to be sent home but who gets it home is left to the discretion of the Bureau of prisons, and this prison, as far as I know, has chosen to release nobody under these guidelines, because none of us are sick. Those in authority in this prison are well-known for ignoring directives from above, even the law, and this is merely another confirmation of that. A previous example – I was refused a monitored call with an attorney I am considering hiring to defend me, my company, and daughter in the civil suit filed against me, violating my constitutional rights. But I know as I was reminded of Romans 13 today, that I am to respect and not resist authority, but rather just do good and not practice evil, being an example for the righteous sake.

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