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Day 499

Thursday, April 16, 2020 -

Yesterday we learned we’d be under limited lockdown until May 18. It was scheduled to end yesterday. It was a great disappointment, however, supposedly for our own benefit.

Today we were issued new face masks, and at the same time, our temperature was taken. The guards and staff coming into our unit are now faithful in wearing masks.

On top of that, those guards and staff with immense beards have been forced to shave their beards by the Bureau of Prisons. One is a well-liked guard named Johnson, who had a very lengthy full beard.

When he came into the unit to show himself off without a mask, you could probably hear the uproar that went on at the building next door! Everyone said he looked like a kid.

One of the more shocking sights was the woman who had undergone “sex-change therapy” and sported a full beard. I had really thought she was a man until someone told me otherwise. Without her beard, she looks like a woman – at least in the face.

Yesterday and today, “W” has been very frustrated trying to explain the gospel to two of the Muslims in our unit. I had tried to warn him that the best way to reach a Muslim is not to argue with them, or try to convince them that they are wrong and you are right, but rather to be their friend and live your life as a living testimony. “Let them see the difference in you,” I told him. He’s come and asked me for Scriptures to refute what they and others have said, and I’ve complied, but their hearts are hardened. I told him today, “You’ve done what you’ve can, now just be a friend and walk the walk.” Please pray for all of these men who are hearing the gospel in this unit and watching how “W,” “JW,” “V” and I live our lives for Christ.

“E” left FCI Ashland for home confinement finally two days ago if all went according to plan. Pray for him as he enters life on the outside with Christ in his heart, and for his parents, girlfriend, daughter, and brothers all to come to know Christ!

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