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Day 504

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 -

Sunday evening, “W” was in my cell and suddenly said, “I want to make a spider. A paper spider.” He asked me then for a piece of paper and about an hour later produced a very realistic-looking paper spider, except that it was all white.

Yesterday evening, he came in and we did some Bible study. I told him about how Texas came into my cell and thought it was a real spider in my window.

He then said, “We need to paint it. Do you have a pinch of instant coffee, a pill bottle cap, and a q-tip?” Soon he had mixed up some “paint” out of coffee and dyed his man-made spider brown. It looked absolutely real. For an hour or so we had a whole lot of fun with that spider, as I never realized how many grown men are absolutely panicked over spiders. We placed it in a clear used fruit container with a lid, and carried it around from cell to cell, watching the absolute fear overtake a lot of men as “W” lifted the lid. Even the guard on duty began to grab for his can of mace on his belt. It turned out he’d actually been bitten once by a brown recluse. Not all men reacted the same way, but one actually jumped up, even from the top bunk, and backed into the corner in fear. Another threatened to send “W” back to the SHU if he didn’t get it out of his face. Our “tough guy” unit head orderly ran to grab a broom to beat it to death, eyes bulging from his head. I enjoyed the entertainment, as it was a nice break from our Bible studies.

Today “W” received, finally, the application from Teen Challenge, and he is very enthused about it. I praise the Lord for this opportunity for him and pray that God will send in the needed funds for his intake fee ($2,500.00).

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