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Day 686

Monday, October 19, 2020 -

Today was a very special day for me. I got to see my beautiful, wonderful, precious wife and my oldest son, William. For my beloved Kathie, the last time we saw each other was on March 2. I had been even longer since I’d seen William. What an agonizing eight months it had been beginning with my mother’s sudden death, the sudden cut-off of visits, and my not being able to see my better half for two-thirds of a year. That has been the greatest torture!

So today we got to spend an hour together, separated by a wall of plexiglass, through which we couldn’t really hear. We had to yell at each other, and then still couldn’t make out what each one said. We were also all forced to wear masks, so we're unable to see each other’s faces.

But nevertheless, my heart soared just to be in Kathie’s presence, and every time since I’d think about her, tears would well up in my eyes, longing so much to be with her permanently for the rest of our lives.

The whole idea on the part of the prison was to make it so miserable for people during visits and with a time limit of only one hour, to discourage visits.

But how encouraged I was to see the love of my life, even though we could not embrace nor kiss each other as before. Her visits are what kept me going for well over my first year here, and not getting to see her for nearly eight months was horrible!

Thank you, Kathie and William, for driving ten hours to see me for a mere one hour, even though we couldn’t adequately have a conversation. It gives me hope that this will soon be over, and I have so much to look forward to being in your presence once again when the two of us can once again be truly one!

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