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A Few Words About Me

Philip Zodhiates is federal prisoner #18649-084.  He entered Ashland Federal Correctional Institute in Ashland, Kentucky at 2:00 pm on December 5, 2018.  He is serving two concurrent 36-month prison sentences after being convicted September 2016 in federal court in the Western District of New York for "Aiding and Abetting an International Parental Kidnapping" and "Conspiracy to Commit an International Parental Kidnapping."  


The jury found him "guilty" of driving Lisa Miller and her then 7-year old daughter from Virginia to Buffalo, New York.  From Buffalo, Lisa and her daughter left the country of Lisa's own accord.  Lisa had full custody of her daughter at the time, who she claimed was being sexually abused by her former lesbian partner during Vermont's court-ordered visitations.  


Lisa had accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior and the civil union had been dissolved.  However, the Vermont family court judge refused to admit affidavits providing proof of the sexual abuse, in an attempt to force the Commonwealth of Virginia, where both Lisa and her partner were from, to recognize same-sex civil unions in an obvious challenge to Virginia's constitutional ban forbidding recognition of such same-sex unions or marriages from other states.  


Further information can be found at and


Upon entering prison Philip went without any means to communicate with his wife and family for an entire week, and so he began journaling his experiences and thoughts, including things he felt God was revealing to him -- primarily so he wouldn't forget.  Upon encouragement, he has continued to write a daily journal for a broader audience which many have encouraged be posted online.

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