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Day 1

Wednesday, December 5 -

Kathie, William and Josiah, along with Robert and Nancy Ranck; and Robert McFarland and I started out about 6:30 am from Waynesboro, Virginia. We drove through snow, which became a little intense right before the WV line. Kathie and I decided to sit together in the very back of the Yukon XL, which was a first. We made a pit stop at Hardees in White Sulphur Springs, WV, and everyone had breakfast. I was also able to speak with my mom. We got back in and got tied up after probably 30 minutes due to a car having slid off the road in front of us even before getting back on I-64. It was good we’d left earlier because of the weather. The only other stop we made was in Beckley, to get windshield fluid, fuel for the vehicle, and new wiper blades. It took way too long!

Within about two hours prior to the reporting time, I began to get quite a few emails of encouragement, texts, and phone calls. One of them was from the individual who encouraged me to contact Jerry Falwell, Jr. a month ago. Jerry Falwell had called President Trump’s “spiritual” advisor, Paula White, the Friday prior to my report date, and she emailed me back that she’d do everything she could, but I hadn’t heard from her since Sunday and only had a mere hour left. So I texted Jerry Falwell, Jr. He texted back saying that Paula White really is the one to convince the President and that a pardon usually doesn’t happen until incarceration begins. So I texted him that I trusted him to stay on top of it.

We ate a hasty meal at Cheddars and got to the prison with 10 minutes to spare. It was too quick a goodbye – but at least I found out I could bring cash with me to deposit into my account. Everyone emptied their wallets for me. The intake wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be until I overheard them saying I was going to “the shoe” because it was a federal holiday (President Bush’s funeral) and there weren’t people there to process me in. I was given orange colored clothing to wear, which identifies those in “the shoe.” To go to “the shoe” they handcuffed you all the way till you’re locked in a cell with nothing but a little desk, a cot, and a combination toilet-sink. It was pretty nasty and small.

There was an inmate folding clothes and linen outside my cell. I had no idea “the shoe” wasn’t where I’d be the whole time at first, but I soon found out. He told me it was for those who got in trouble. The worst part of that is I had no idea what time it was, but it seemed to pass so very slow. I was determined not to fall asleep, because then I was afraid I wouldn’t sleep at night. I tried to think of Scriptures I knew, and pray. But I kept falling asleep. I was so tired and struggled to stay awake and pray. After a while, they brought dinner. It tasted horrible. I took one bite of the meat and carrots, and decided right then and there I could only eat the tiny baked potato and chips. It was really good I ate a good lunch! Then things got really bad. I didn’t know how many people were locked up in there, but the ensuing conversation was horrible and disgusting, vile to the tenth degree. I’ve never heard anything so vile and foul. I tried plugging my ears with toilet paper. That didn’t work. I held my ears and tried to sleep through as much as I could.

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