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Day 104

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Christian’s secret weapon is prayer! It is sometimes hard for me to grasp this fact, but it is very true! That’s why we’re told to pray for our enemies, and even for those who hate us and persecute us. As long as we pray for them, they can never achieve victory. It is an impossibility. For there is even victory in martyrdom. For our hope is an eternal hope, which they cannot grasp. I pray specifically for circumstances and divine appointment with God’s elect servants might point them, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to their depraved and sinful nature and the need for reconciliation with God. This would indeed be the greatest miracle, just as in my life at one time! I pray that they might be tormented with a lack of peace and an emptiness and a realization that only Christ can fill that void, once they truly repent of their sin and embrace Christ’s shed blood on the cross for the redemption of their sin. And then, the guilt and anguish and emptiness will be lifted, and they, if they make Him Lord of their lives, will find complete freedom and fulfillment in Christ! That is the miracle I long for more than any other!

And this, indeed, should be the prayer for our nation as a whole that revival will indeed break out in individual hearts in a massive way that will transform our nation and draw people back to Christ.

We should pray that God will instill this passion for revival in the hearts of pastors throughout this once great nation, and revival might start within their own hearts, and thus spread to the congregations, into the homes of the parishioners, and out into their neighborhoods, schools, communities, and places of employment.

And that simultaneously God would raise up godly men and women who are completely surrendered to Him to enter every walk of life – particularly those which believers have abandoned in past years to the devil’s influence, such as politics, courts, media, education, and statesmanship.

Indeed, Satan is our enemy, and we must utilize our secret weapon of prayer in these areas as well. Let’s cover the whole gambit of warfare in prayer until an army of godly warriors is raised up to be the example of what righteous leadership should be. We as believers have neglected this powerful weapon for far too long. And it is a weapon for which the enemy has no defense!

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