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Day 129

Friday, April 12, 2019 -

One of the greatest things about living this day and age is the amazing advances in scientific knowledge and advancements. Every year finds new cure for diseases and new discoveries about the miracle of the human body and other forms of creation. A friend who shortly after I came to prison, riddled me with questions about the bible and Christianity, who ended up embracing Christ as his Savior, had asked me questions about dinosaurs, and how they fit into the Bible narrative. I had my viewpoints, and have believed for years that the Biblical references of leviathan, dragons, and behemoth were likely referring to dinosaurs, but it was nothing more than an opinion. The biggest dichotomy to deal with was this “scientific” claim that dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago, and my expertise in arguing on that topic is very limited.

I’d mentioned this to a friend of mine who writes me every week and has sent me a number of books, and he said he’d send some books on that topic. When the books arrived, I barely more than glanced at them and passed them along to my friend who’d been asking the questions, with a request that I get to read them when he finished.

So this past week I finished the smallest of the three books he sent, called Dinosaurs and the Bible by Brian Thomas. What a fascinating little volume! For in it this scientist deals convincingly with every seeming contradiction between the Bible account and its history, other documented history, and scientific fact. But the evidence that is documented in Thomas’s small book proves that people, not Scripture are wrong. And it’s not the first time scientific thought has been proven wrong. He cites the fact that centuries ago they also scoffed at germ theory, which eventually became the basis for successful medical practices. And scientists once believed there were only four elements that comprised all materials: earth, air, fire, and water. “Rigorous experiments performed by these to challenge this doctrine revealed scores of unique atoms now familiarly organized in the table of elements,” Thomas points out.

In his book, Thomas documents how living cells keep turning up in dinosaur bones, which is impossible if they are older than a few thousand years. Furthermore, bone collagen is still present in dinosaur bones, which is impossible if the bones are millions of years old. Secularists merely say they trust someday they’ll discover why collagen and radiocarbon (radioactive carbon atoms) have been able to survive millions of years, rather than admit to the fact that their theory has been proven dead wrong.

Besides this, and other convincing scientific evidence brought out in this little book, it reveals a close study of the Scriptures itself, including the creation account, and the great flood and other Scriptural references evidencing the fact the earth is only around 6000 years old. It documents how only a great world-wide flood could account for the way in which dinosaur and other fossils and fossil beds are formed – there is no other answer which makes any sense! Furthermore, there are numerous contemporary accounts of dinosaur creatures described in secular literature right into the Middle Ages, when the last of the dinosaur creatures may have been killed.

I found this book to be fascinating, and as with every modern scientific discovery, it proves the Bible and its historical account to be 100 percent accurate, and much of the modern scientific theory to have been wrong. More to come, I am certain, on this topic!

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