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Day 133

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 -

Today I finished David Parsons Flood Gates. I highly recommend you read it, although I do not agree with his consideration of “global warming" to be a legitimate concern for our planet and his not necessarily believing God created everything in a literal 6 days. Other than that, I’d label this book a “must read.” The entire premise of the book is that we are in times similar to the days of Noah our Lord spoke about in Luke 17:26-33, as I explained yesterday.

This is a divine waiting period for God’s final judgment, which will be with fire. Not only are these times similarly being fueled by idolatry, rampant violence, and sexual depravity, mankind’s moral slide, and rebellion are seen in other ways similar to the period prior to the flood. The end result will be God’s impending judgment.

Today we are at a “crossroads in human history” whereby “medical and technological advances hold incredible promise for improving and enhancing our race, but also bring great peril.” Parsons makes the clear case for modern science completely disproving Darwinian evolution as being impossible, and documents it.

But the problem is many scientists today are “playing God” by attempting to “gain control of the evolutionary process and transform the human race into a vastly superior and even immortal species.” Parsons fears such practices as crossbreeding human and animal cells and much of the life extension strategies using biotechnology, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence (which he describes in much greater detail) may be crossing the line in “tampering with our human makeup in a bid to cheat death, which is an act in defiance of God. The apostle Paul says that ‘God alone has immortality’ (I Timothy 6:16). Thus, to seek eternal life outside of God is both futile and rebellious.” It is much like the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden with Satan’s false claims that she would be like God. “The same temptation was faced – and also succumbed to – by those before the flood who mated with rebellious angels, thinking their offspring would be gods.” Today, some scientists are beginning to believe they can make man immortal.

Parsons concludes that he believes God’s judgment is now inevitable, as it was during Noah’s time. God will bring it soon, and we should repent for that could delay the inevitable, but he does not believe it will be canceled, for scripture is very clear. He concludes, “We need to realize that God may be in it (a period when so many are lapsing irreversibly into sin and immorality) because He actually is determined to bring an end to the rebellion through divine correction. Thus, my final plea and prayer is that we would all heed the sure warning of scripture that the floodgates of God’s wrath are soon to open!”

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