• PhilipZ

Day 176

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 -

There was only one word I can think of to describe the past 24 hours – BEDLAM. Rumors abounded for more than a month, and it was the general consensus that it was rumored just to cause consternation among the inmate population. For such rumors have supposedly been perpetrated quite often, but never came to fruition. Only one or two days ago did they make the announcement that we were being forced to rotate cells. Standing in our doorway, we had to count three cells to the left, and move there, all at the same time! We were told the prison system was doing this so nobody gets too comfortable. To me, it makes little sense, but nothing in this place seems to make any sense, including the name on the entrance of the facility, “Federal Correctional Institution.” To call the federal prison system “correctional” is laughable. There is nothing correctional about this place – or the system. It seems to have the opposite effect on people! This is proven by the astronomical recidivism rate of nearly 3 out of 4 inmates returning within 5 years. But the Bureau of Prisons doesn’t want the public to know that, because it is a huge bureaucracy costing the American taxpayers around $150 billion a year, and fattening the pockets of many government workers. Do the math! Every prisoner costs you, the taxpayer, $50,000 a year! Until the politicians in Washington realize a prisoner’s heart needs to change in order for the behavior to be corrected, nothing will change – particularly as society becomes more and more rebellious to God’s way. Only Christ can redeem a sinful man!

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