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Day 213

Friday, July 5, 2019 -

I used to be very patriotic. It’d be hard if not impossible to improve upon this nation’s founding principles. But we have come so far in the wrong direction since them abandoning the very reasons for the Declaration of Independence, the commemoration of which we celebrated yesterday. As a matter of fact, since my arrest in 2014, I have refused to offer a pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States when the opportunity has arisen. I stand respectfully, but this is not the same country our founders envisioned, nor began. Politics has trumped justice. Evil is now called good, and evil is not just called good, but protected, while those who stand for righteousness are being sued and prosecuted, and imprisoned.

No, this is not a bitter spirit speaking. I harbor no bitterness, but disappointment and grief over the lack of justice and mockery of God we see, not just in my case, but in many others –including others I have met here in prison. Our system of justice, while claiming to be just, is almost completely corrupt. Innocence no longer matters, only winning no matter the cost, regardless of whether the person being charged committed a crime or not. The system has become completely broken.

I found an email first thing this morning from Patti Stockman, wife of former U.S. Representative from Texas Steve Stockman, both close personal friends. Steve, like me, was falsely charged and convicted in a kangaroo court of things he never did, for daring to stand up to the corrupt Obama administration. She said, “I thought of you and Steve so much today - - as Americans celebrated the liberties secured with the birth of our nation, while you guys are deprived of yours though you’ve given so much of your lives to protect them for others. Praise God you are free in Christ!” Steve is currently unjustly serving a 10-year sentence. You can find out more at his website, Both of us are used as examples not to rock the establishment, and to look the other way when you happen to see those in authority doing wrong.

I’ve spoken to medical doctors here in prison, who are here to “set an example.” I’ve spoken to a police officer who is here, set up because he dared to expose corruption going on at the highest levels of his law enforcement agency. This is wrong. This is not justice.

So what’s the answer? Patti summed it up well, “May we Americans humble ourselves, pray, and turn from our wicked ways, so God has mercy and again blesses our nation with restoration.”

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