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Day 3

Friday, December 7 -

"J" woke me up at about 5:45 for chow. He’d been up since a little after 4:00 because they came and got him for a random drug test. I had oatmeal and an apple for breakfast, and two pints of skimmed milk. I came back and told "J" I had a splitting headache – probably from coffee withdrawal. He gave me two ibuprofen and went and got a scoop of instant coffee. In an hour, my headache was gone. I read my Bible, prayed, then went to the “library room” to sit down and read my Bible some more. There was a guy there making “healthy” peanut butter bars out of granola cereal, mixed nuts, raisins, and peanut butter. He didn’t offer me any. He asked me what I was in for, I explained it to him and he seemed rather perturbed. He left and came back saying “I can’t stand people messing with kids.” He was in for a long drug sentence. He said, “I am a Christian and I just can’t stand that stuff.”

We actually went to lunch around 10-10:30ish, because our housing unit, “HA” is second on the list to get food. We had a fried fish sandwich. I also went to the chapel several times today to see if the chapel was open so that I could speak with the chaplain. It wasn’t. But I got the times of the Protestant and Messianic services + Bible studies.

I spend much of the afternoon writing this journal for the first two days, and talking to "J", and reading some. "J" finally told me his story, after I asked, and he truly seems very repentant. He got out photos of his family to show me, and he’s very proud of his kids. One of them looks a lot like Josiah – he is 21 years old. He ("J") has been such a huge help to me. We had our official prisoner count at 4:00 and 10:00, as they do each weekday. On weekends, they also have a 10:00 am count. "J" and I have spoken a lot about the Lord.

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