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Day 430

Friday, February 7, 2020 -

I praise the Lord that He continues to uphold me and undergird me, surrounding me with His angels. His Word continues to encourage me, as do these individuals who continue to write to me and pray for Kathie and me.

God continues to assure me that my time in prison is growing short, for which I am praising His name! Our role is to believe that He will perform the miracle, but it is He who moves the mountain, not us, nor our faith. Jesus says nothing is impossible to you when you believe. He says “possible,” not actual, for the miracle is God’s doing, and He is to get all the glory (Matthew 17:20)!

And so I continue to believe that someday soon I shall be completely free, and God alone will get the glory. I have prayed, and I have fasted, as I know others have, as well (Matthew 17:21).

Yesterday afternoon, I had a hint that Judge Arcara may indeed be looking out for my interests, which means God is answering the prayers of many and steering his heart. You see, he notified me through my home that the response I’d sent to my attorney’s answers to the judge’s questions had not been received. Apparently, it is lost in the mail. Yet Judge Arcara automatically extended the deadline until February 17 rather than just denying my request for him to vacate my sentence due to lack of response, as he could easily have done.

But the copy of my response, which I’d mailed home a day later, was readily received, so my family is overnighting a copy of it to Judge Arcara today, along with an appropriate explanation, as requested. God is faithful as long as we are faithful. I praise the Lord He is in control!

On another note, I am glad that my initial cellmate, “J,” is doing well ar Petersburg camp, and is faithfully attending chapel services and Bible studies, continuing to read Christian books! I pray for him every day and God is blessing him as he remains faithful in his new life with the Lord.

In the meanwhile, I continue to try to be a witness to “MM,” my current cellmate, as he struggles with the reality of his bleak situation. Yesterday he told me how President Trump said they are going to do away with the threat of punishing those who refuse to snitch. He’s expressing frustration with the caliber of people here in federal prison and is growing more and more frustrated. And I keep providing nudges for him to quit running from God as he’s done his whole life and surrender his life to the Lord. Pray for “MM!”

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