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Day 439

Sunday, February 16, 2020 -

When I first recognized back in October or November that there was written into the International Parental Kidnapping statute (under which I was convicted) and affirmative defense for a parent kidnapping their child when abuse is believed to have occurred without actually having to be proven that abuse had actually taken place, it was a final piece to a puzzle. That puzzle revealed what many thought – that I was a victim of not just the criminalization of Christian belief and political correctness, but of politics itself.

Early on in this legal battle which I have endured, it was leaked to me from a very reliable source that my prosecution was being called a “vendetta,” and that prosecution had in fact been “mandated from the highest levels of the government.” It was clear to me, and a number of close friends and family, that this in fact meant the White House itself ordered my prosecution, likely Attorney General Eric Holder or perhaps Barack Obama himself. For obvious reasons, I am not revealing my source for this information, but those familiar with my work leading up to and through the Obama oligarchy, there should be no question.

Although my name or my company’s name is not well-known to the public, it is far better known in political circles. Response Unlimited has been one of the most aggressive fundraising companies supporting the conservative and Christian causes, raising tens of millions of dollars. In so doing, I apparently incurred the wrath of innumerable liberal political opponents, which is easily verifiable by doing an internet search of my name (although much of what is said about me are lies).

Just prior to my coming to prison, I crunched some numbers to summarize why I (and Response Unlimited) were targets of the political left. Here are 84.2 million reasons why:

  • - Exposing and calling for Hillary Clinton to be brought to justice for illegal campaign contributions, seedy dealings, Muslim ties, racketeering, obstruction of justice, email scandals (prior to 2017), the Benghazi murders, and gun-running to Syria (7,024,960 letters, not counting tens of millions of pieces exposing the Clinton family’s scandals during the administration of President Bill Clinton)

  • - Exposing and rallying support to oppose threats to the Second Amendment of the Constitution, including the horrendous U.N. Gun treaty, proposed gun bans, and illegal executive orders in that regard of Mr. Obama (2,049,475 letters)

  • - Exposing Planned Parenthood, promoting Personhood legislation, and working in other ways to put an end to the murder of unborn children (2,102,413 letters)

  • - Opposing illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, amnesty for illegals, birthright citizenship, and lack of border security (6,325,763 letters)

  • - Countering special rights for homosexuals, homosexual “marriage,” the promotion of homosexuality in schools, pedophilia by homosexuals, and efforts to force the acceptance of homosexual behavior on employers, churches, and individuals (7,979,575 letters)

  • - Opposing and exposing efforts by the left and the courts to reduce the free speech, press and religious rights of Christians (5,998,514 letters)

  • - Exposing and fighting against the Islamic agenda in America, including Sharia law, misinformation perpetrated by government leaders about Islam, immigration policies which favor Muslims over others, the use of taxpayer money to support radical Islam factions and nation-states overseas (8,748,084 letters)

  • - Exposing and seeking justice for the numerous crimes of Barack Obama, including raising funds to support more than 53 lawsuits filed against him personally and his administration and several citizen grand juries. Over 20 million letters were mailed to individuals providing evidence of Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate alone, which became widely reported and resulted in 65% of the American populous questioning the man’s eligibility to be president! Other mail called for Obama’s impeachment; demanded he be removed from office, tried for treason, and investigated for his use of a social security number belonging to a dead man in Connecticut; demanded his deportation as an illegal alien; and the removal of his presidential pension. Millions of pieces of mail tied Barack Obama to the Muslim brotherhood and other terrorist groups overseas, as well as the genocide of Christians in the Middle East (32,416,763 letters)

  • - Exposing and opposing the government encroachment on individual privacy and rights protected by the Constitution, including NSA abuses, limiting free speech, and other illegal and unconstitutional government abuses, property seizures, monitoring, and meta-data collection (10,473,980 letters)

  • - Attempting to stop, repeal, or defund ObamaCare (1,084,915 letters)

In actuality, these numbers are low when additional influence and involvement is considered, as they only include the numbers of pieces of mail that were written, produced, and mailed with the direct assistance of Response Unlimited. Tens of millions more pieces of mail are not included in these numbers whereby Response Unlimited may have only been involved in a portion of the process.

I am providing these numbers merely as an explanation of why I was targeted, and why my company has been targeted in the civil suit, even though neither of us broke any laws. Politics and the evil leftist agenda during the Obama administration clearly became a contact sport, and those of us who lead the opposition were (and often still are) the target of criminal investigations, politicized prosecutions, and unjust imprisonment, while favored individuals are never seriously investigated and rarely prosecuted. It is an effort, at least in my case, and the case of my good friend, former U.S. Representative Steve Stockman, who is completely innocent of all charges, to decapitate the opposition. In our cases they have temporarily succeeded. Yet God is on our side. He is a God of justice and He is all powerful. Vengeance is His, and in Him alone I trust. He has had a purpose in all of this, and in many ways it has been a blessing and a privilege. For I know that after I have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called me to His eternal glory in Christ, is Himself perfecting, confirming, strengthening, and establishing me (I Peter 5:10).

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