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Day 445

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Today, Kris Kristophel brought Kathie early in the morning, having driven up yesterday evening from Virginia, getting a hotel room for them for the night. Kris stayed two hours and visited, and then left Kathie and me alone for the rest of the day.

Kris asked me how confident I felt about my sentencing judge vacating my sentence. I told her I believed in faith that God would move him to do so. She then asked me what I am praying for the Lord to accomplish through that. I then said all along we have prayed that God would get the glory. He, and He alone! I also said that there are a number of men I have been praying for here in this prison who know why I am here and who know I am a Christian. I pray that when God does this miracle that they will see it as such, and know that the God I serve is real, and that He is a miracle-working God, and that they would as a result turn their hearts to the Lord. I pray that the news of my miraculous release will spread like wildfire through this place, and lead to a genuine turning to the Lord in this evil place.

Tonight, by divine providence, the prison played the most recent “Left Behind” movie for the entire prison. A lot of men watched it. I pray that it will cause many to come to me with their questions.

My mother is not doing well. They drained the fluid from around her lungs and it is already filled up again. The doctor told my sister, who flew down yesterday, they’d only give her one or two more days at the most. It saddens me I cannot be there with her.

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