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Day 471

Friday, March 20, 2020 -

For more than a week now, we’ve been under almost total unit lockdown. We’re still going to the chow hall for lunch and supper, but with absolutely no integration with residents of other units, outside of dining room workers. For two evenings last week, we got 30 minutes out in the recreation yard, and we’re now scheduled for 1 ½ hours of “rec” three times per week. Otherwise, we are shut up in our units. No visitation is allowed.

In the meanwhile, my wife Kathie has been running a fever and has had a bad cold and chest congestion. I am very concerned for her and pray she does not have the coronavirus as her Alpha-1 Anti-Trypsin deficiency makes her very vulnerable. She has lost both of her sisters and her daddy because of this disease. I am claiming Psalm 91:3+10 over her!

Here in the prison on Monday they are moving everyone out of the unit next door, which is actually in the same building, and using it as a quarantine for prisoners arriving at Ashland FCI.

This makes me all the more longing for home. But, as “W,” who Texas calls my new protégé, said to me after supper tonight – “You can’t go home, you still have work to do!” So heavenly Father, if you want me to stay here, heal Kathie completely and protect me from anyone that might have the coronavirus, whether it be staff or inmate.

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