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Day 578

Friday, July 3, 2020 -

Christian researcher George Barna announced his findings of a new nationwide survey that only 6% of adults in the United States have a “biblical worldview.” But the statistics even remains horrific among those who attend Bible-believing churches, while only 21% hold to a “biblical worldview.”

These statistics are alarming yet not surprising and is a sad commentary on where we have come to and where we are heading, not just as a nation but as a church.

One good thing which may have come about as the result of the COVID-19 “lockdown” in our nation is that now people are saying they read the Bible more. Not only that but I’ve read as many as 40% of families of homeschool kids are currently considering homeschooling their children permanently. This could increase, experts say, the number of permanently homeschool children in the United States to over 10 million.

I pray that this happens, as I believe there is a direct correlation between the statistics above indicating a lack of a “biblical worldview” and the indoctrination that is in direct opposition to that worldview which children receive in our government schools. And so, it is also not surprising that suddenly there is a renewed push back against homeschooling. Yet homeschooling is something which is probably the best thing a parent can do to counter the brainwashing of the young people we see yielding they mindless, selfish, hedonistic, Marxist anarchist we say mob in the streets of our cities, toppling statues, and trying to overthrow all authority and government. What do we expect after decades of brainwashing?

Christian Post cites an article entitled “The Risk of Homeschooling” in Harvard magazine, where Harvard law school professor Elizabeth Bartholet says that children have a right to a “meaningful education” and that the state is obligated to intervene to protect them from abuse, which is sometimes interwoven with homeschool environments. Bartholet is also the faculty director of this law school’s child advocacy program…

The issue is, do we think that parents should have 24/7, essentially authoritarian control over their children from ages 0 to 18? The professor when asked said, “I think that’s dangerous. I think it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless and to give to the powerful ones total authority.” The article then goes on to state that as many as 90% who opt for homeschooling do so because of their traditional Christian beliefs.

In response to this article Kathy Faust, founder of the “children’s rights” organization Them Before Us, said Bartholet poses a question not only about homeschool versus public school but “to whom did the children belong?”

Bartholet herself declared “children don’t belong to parents; they belong to the state.”

Is not removing a child from the authority of his parents one of the first tenants in advancing a society toward Marxism, where they can be taught by the state that there is no God? This indeed is what has been happening during most of my lifetime, and is why the homeschool movement is so large, to begin with today.

So now we are beginning to see the push back against the rescue by Christian parents from the godless indoctrination in our government schools. Already homeschooling has been made illegal in Germany with prosecutions of parents who do so. Before we know it, in this country parents could be sitting in a prison cell, like I am, for taking their biblical mandate to train up their child literally. And herein is the web the church in this country has woven by refusing to take a stand sooner. It, as Barnes’ surveys seem to indicate, may already be too late.

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