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Day 580

Sunday, July 5, 2020 -

Today marks 19 months of incarceration for me. Kathie reminded me on the phone this morning how much I can be thankful for, as HIS hand has been upon me, protecting me, watching over me, and even giving me favor with other inmates.

Last evening, as I was walking down the stairs to “R’s” cell for our nightly Bible study and prayer time I saw “MM,” my cell mate, talking to the men already there. They were excited to tell me he had asked them to pray for him. Our group of 13 or so men has grown increasingly closer to the point where men are confessing their sins and temptations and asking to be held accountable, to be prayed over for strength, and to be of encouragement one to another. It is, we are all convinced while studying through the book of Acts, the way every church fellowship should function. I am standing amazed at how God is working in the lives of each of these men to strengthen and mature them in their walk with the Lord and using us to draw others toward Christ! It is truly amazing to see, and an encouragement to me. Every one of us sees this meeting as the highlight of every day.

If it had not been for the COVID-19 lockdown, we may never have met in such away! It is amazing how God brings such a good thing out of what Satan tried to use for evil. Praise be to God of heaven and earth who created all things!

Today we also began to walk to the dining room, which is another building, to pick up our meals for the day. This is a great blessing, being able to get outside even for a few minutes. Today was beautiful, hot but no humidity. A perfect day to be outside even for just two or three minutes!

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