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Day 581

Monday, July 6, 2020 -

Tonight is the last night that “M” is with us as part of our little unit church which meets each evening. He told us all of his plans for the future, which is all ministry and evangelism, and explained how we can pray for him.

To lighten up the occasion, I’ve been saving the bologna from the prior two weeks when we had bologna sandwiches for supper each and every night. As I presented the yet to be revealed sandwich I told him that I wanted him to remember the scrumptious suppers we’ve had so regularly for the past five months while under the Covid-19 lockdown. And, since we did not have access to a camera, we would all watch him eat it so we could remember the picture in our minds. I did not know it, but “M” really likes bologna, and so he sat there and ate pieces of bologna from the 2-inch thick sandwich!

For the last 10 minutes of our time, the 11 others of us all laid hands-on “M” and prayed for him as we sent him out.

Today, though, things begin to open up just slightly for us. No longer do we have to remain inside ourselves, a rule that hasn’t really been enforced for the past month or so, and would have been difficult to enforce. The guards actually (except for a couple) really didn’t care if we stayed in ourselves, as long as we have a mask. If the warden or a lieutenant was seen walking towards our building most guards would flash the lights and everyone would scramble to their cells.

Oh, one last thing about “M.” He says one of the first things he wants to do when he gets out of prison is to replicate our little church at his home in Rochester, New York. Praise the Lord!

Pray for M and his desires to further the Kingdom at home and at work!

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