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Day 6

Monday, December 10 –

I am so bored today. I have a headache from no coffee and have been up since before 6:00. I had to get my blood drawn this morning. Every evening they put up a “call out” sheet and if your name’s on it you have to go to wherever they say go. You can’t go out and roam around here. They give you 5-10 minutes to move on the hour from place to place.

I had my blood drawn, after getting there at 6:20, around 7:15 or so. Maybe 7:30, I then went to eat and came back at the 8:00 “move.” I went back to sleep for about an hour, till a guard woke me up looking for “J”, who went to get his hair cut and go to his GED class. I slept a little more and got up and read my Proverb, 5 chapters in John (I’m on chapter 13) and spent quite a while in prayer for you at home and others. I went to eat about 10:15, and came back and read some more, till noon when I listened to Rush Limbaugh till I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried reading some more, but my head hurts too badly and I’m tired of begging for ibuprofen or coffee (actually all I have to do is mention it). I would have gone to the commissary (even though our day is Wednesday), but as I am new, I still haven’t gotten my PAC#. I can’t check to see if any money is available or how much (I need to know how much I can spend). Because it is Christmas we can have more money and more minutes on the phone. But I still can’t call. I am so ready to come home! Please, please do whatever you can to make it happen. Maybe you can go with Carla White to the White House, Kathie? I can’t wait till the mail is here to see if I get PAC#, it’ll be close to 5:00. I had to wait till around 6:30 till the mail was sorted. I did not get my PAC number, and that was devastating, but I did get a letter from Victoria, along with two photos. I was thrilled and read the letter twice in succession.

About 8:00, I went out to guardroom (this guard is actually very nice, unlike most). Anyway, upon encouragement from James, I asked if he (the guard) could look up my commissary account balance and my PAC number, He said he didn’t have access, only the Lieutenants, which he is not. I’ve asked the counselor and secretary, but they refuse to look it up and say I have to wait till it comes in the mail (supposedly from Texas). So I can’t call tonight either. I also got the Bible and “The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life” which I mailed myself. I was so afraid you all forgot to mail it after you dropped me off. I just took a shower and finished writing this, now maybe I’ll write some letters and read before turning in (I didn’t sleep well last night).

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