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Day 639

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 -

Today Kathie reminded me that it is the 21st anniversary of the day we first met Rebekah, Anthony, and Jonathan in an orphanage in Nicaragua, who we adopted all on the same day. Rebekah was 10, Anthony 8, and Jonathan an estimated 4. Since the officials did not have any idea when Jonathan was born, and he was only wearing size 18 months clothing, we had 2 years taken off.

Now, 21 years later Kathie and I are very proud of them. We rejoice that they are all productive members of society – Rebekah as a CNA, Anthony as a career Army NCO, and Jonathan in his job at FedEx. Anthony, who is married, also gave us our first grandchild, Ryder. To each of them as with all our children, I would love to express how grateful and proud I am of each of them.

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