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Day 678

Sunday, October 11, 2020 -

A bill recently passed before the California General Assembly, a state Kathie and I once called home when first married in 1981, that decriminalizes sex between “LGBTQ” adults and children ages 14-17 if the adult is no more than ten years the child’s age. This bill, passed by a Democrat supermajority in both houses, is a sad commentary not just on the state of California, but the Democrat party.

When reading of this yesterday, I could not but think of how this action is a mere extension of what happened in the case of Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins in the Vermont courts, which some have said sanctioned the sexual abuse of young children as long as it was done by a member of the same sex. This is the predicament Lisa Miller found herself in.

Lisa was born-again in God’s family and dissolved her same-sex civil union in Vermont. A family court gave Lisa custody of her natural child, born as a result of artificial insemination during her civil union with Janet Jenkins, but gave Janet visitation rights. Immediately following unsupervised visits, it became very apparent to Lisa and other observers that Lisa’s five-year-old child was being sexually and emotionally abused during those visits. Yet the judge refused to stop the visits as it might hinder the agenda that LGBTQ groups backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, and LAMBDA Legal were attempting to accomplish.

Lisa was faced with the alternative of either allowing the abuse to continue by following the court’s order to continue visitation or to go into hiding or flee the country. She chose the latter.

The federal statute governing international parental kidnapping, however, allows for a parent to remove her child from the United States if fleeing a pattern of abuse. In spite of this, Lisa was charged with “International Parental Kidnapping” and remains an international fugitive. I was charged in the same indictment as Lisa for “aiding and abetting,” being convicted of giving her a ride to Buffalo, New York from Virginia, where Lisa and her daughter were then living. Yet, according to the statute, no crime was committed! But again, because the government has a vested interest in promoting the LGBTQ agenda, they chose to ignore the fact that a five-year-old girl may have been sexually abused on a regular basis by a lesbian woman who claimed to be her “other mother.” I am currently serving a three-year sentence for my non-crime.

And now we see California becoming the first state to normalize sex between adults and children, provided the adult is the same-sex and there’s not more than a ten-year difference in age! God help us as a nation! We no longer deserve to survive as a free people, and unless revival breaks out in the church, and we as a people repent, I fear we will not. Fall on your knees for our nation’s repentance. And get out for those who fear God’s wrath and are willing to protect the most helpless among us – born and unborn!

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