• PhilipZ

Day 84

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 -

Last evening, Kathie told me on the phone that earlier in the day the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear my case, which means all my legal options have been completely exhausted. I somewhat suspected this may have been the case because earlier in the day she sent me an email that said something about the ignorance of the Supreme Court.

The certiorari petition and subsequent briefs I felt were very compelling that my case was one which was important for the high court to hear, but for some reason, they’ve denied doing so.

So once again, God is telling me to trust solely in Him and His providence and sovereignty. He has a plan and purpose, and vindicating through a Supreme Court ruling was not to be a part of it.

When I told “C” and “J” yesterday evening, “C” jokingly told me, “You have to face it, you are a thug now.” “J” added on, “Yeah, a convicted felon.”

Well, if that’s the role in which God is to use me, then praise the Lord for that. I just must have patience and endurance and use my time wisely.

Even before I heard the ruling, I began, when I’d go to bed at night, to read through the psalms because they are so applicable to me. They are very comforting and help me sleep. A few chapters and a short time of praising the Lord and praying for Kathie helps provide me a good sleep. I’ve also become convicted that I need to use this time in prison to memorize Scripture, because at some point in the future, like when I first arrived in prison, I won’t have a Bible at my fingertips.

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