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Day 89

Sunday, March 3, 2019 -

As I write this, many if not most of us “conservatives” are astonished that an outright socialistic, if not Marxist agenda, has become the norm when it comes to the Democratic Party. Liberalism has morphed into an agenda of absolute government control and centralization which will remove our freedom as we know it from our nation. They want the government to have total control of every aspect of our lives.

What is so completely amazing to most of the opposite side of the spectrum is that the world in the past 100 years has attempted such totalitarianism in various forms, and each has failed abysmally. Some still exist, with the results becoming far worse than the predecessor. Look at the examples of North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.

However, we are and have been for generations, teaching our children within our government schools a revisionist history based on humanistic, godless teachings which are based on endless relativism, “where nature itself is ultimate and sovereign” as M. Stanton Evans puts it. And, he says, “Always and everywhere, the governing system that is adopted will reflect the underlying religious presuppositions of the culture, and as these vary, so will the prospects for statecraft, science, economics, and a great deal else…Having denied religious absolutes, liberal thinking gravitates as well to various species of economic determinism…these reductionist notions are translated into practice on a daily basis, from economic planning and social engineering, to the soft behaviorism of the welfare state, to gun control and arms agreements – in which it is quite literally assumed that material objects, rather than the motives of human beings, are the chief causes of social conflict.

“Perhaps the most familiar versions of this teaching is the idea that crime, illegitimacy, drug abuse, or other types of asocial conduct are traceable to material “conditions” of one sort or another. For this ought to follow that the way to deal with such pathologies is to attack the underlying causes through housing projects, job training, and other governmental programs, all aimed at changing economic factors.” There has been a concerted effort, I believe, to transform American society into a certain combination of Marxism/Nazism through steady indoctrination not only within society as a whole but even through the watering down of the influence of the church itself. Satan himself has discouraged and distracted many within the body of Christ to be ineffective in its witness, its outreach to the community, and Christ’s command to be in the world but not part of it – to the point where the light of the church has been diminished, and its salt has lost its flavor.

Our nation was founded by God-fearing men who put checks and balances in place against the tyranny that is being commonly proposed by prominent liberal politicians today, but they were put in place assuming we would remain a God-fearing, virtuous people. Without a virtuous citizenry, they knew the American experiment would fail.

And today it seems we are on the cusp of that failure because over all those in the church of Jesus Christ have failed to heed the call of Christ to make disciples wherever we go (Matt. 28:19-20). We have failed in bringing others into the kingdom, and by ceding the education of our children, our role in government and other critical societal and cultural influences.

It may well be too late to reclaim the nation, and great persecution may be coming forthwith. I believe we all, including myself, need to repent of failing to do more to counter the devil’s deceptive way of destroying our nation. Once we do that, and revival truly breaks out within the church, and as Paul says, “not be slothful in zeal, but fervent in spirit,” there may be hope. But only if we repent and set aside all of those idols we’ve placed before the things God would have us do with our time to renew our relationship with Him, which will, in turn, be evident in our families, our neighbors, our coworkers, and the way we use our time.

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