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Day 132

Monday, April 15, 2019 -

I’ve been contemplating a lot recently how many signs point to the second coming of our Lord and Savior. A lot of this has to do with the fact I’m now reading through the Old Testament prophets. I also just finished reading the first of six lengthy volumes by Winston Churchill of the history of World War II, this one dealing with the period between the end of The Great War and Germany’s invasion of Belgium in 1940. Much of Hitler’s Aryanism and hatred of the Jews emanated from the theory of evolution and natural selection, especially Darwin and his contemporaries. He was also influenced by the writings of Ernst Haeckel, Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, Houston Chamberlain, and Madison Grant, all of which inspired his notorious Mein Kampf, which he wrote while in prison shortly after the end of World War I, and which became the playbook for his rise to power and control of Germany, and ultimately by force, Germany’s control of the rest of Europe, prior to the United States joining the war effort.

I am also now reading Flood Gates by David Parsons, an interesting book on recognizing the end-time signs. The day before I began reading this book, I quoted in my journal the words of Jesus from Luke 17:26-33, where Jesus compared the times leading up to the flood that destroyed the earth. I used the scriptures in Luke in God’s judgment during Isaiah’s time. Parsons calls the times during Noah’s day; which Christ is describing as carefree and optimistic – much like our times today. They were “eating and drinking”, what we call “partying” or enjoying leisure time, becoming more and more violent and decadent, a time when fallen angels appeared as men and “corrupted the seed of mankind” (Genesis 6:2-4). Note that God waited 120 years before finally inflicting His judgment on the world. The Hebrew term translated “sons of God” is bene Elohim, which traditionally means angelic beings.

Parsons summarizes God wanted to start the bloodline over again with Noah not just because he was righteous (Genesis 6:9) but because his flesh was not “corrupted” like all other flesh. The word corrupted here, "Shachath", means perverted, ruined, marred, referring to the bloodline, or gene pool having not the DNA of the fallen angels. Yet Noah was still pure “in all his generations.”

I’m not yet finished with the book, but Parsons makes an excellent case that, as Jesus said, we too, are in a period as in the day of Noah, a waiting period whereby God is waiting for the time when He will inflict a second, final judgment on all mankind.

However, we are given many signs of the days leading up to that judgment – by Christ, and others in the Bible. Today, there is a global rebellion against God the likes of which the world has never seen before since Noah’s time. It began in the late 19th century with Darwin and his contemporaries which very much influenced Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler, and others responsible for the eugenics of the 20th century and the murder of tens of millions. Not to mention the annihilation of hundreds of millions by the communist movements of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. Sanger was responsible for the birth of the eugenics policies of the U.S. government and the abortion travesty, whereby 40 million are killed annually worldwide, now responsible for the death of one in five children! Abortion is now the leading cause of death in the United States, with each victim completely being helpless.

When people no longer had a reason to accept the fact that there is a divine creator, they no longer have a reason for any moral restraints. It provides an excuse, or in their eyes, a “right”, for any behavior at all. Morality ceases! Parsons credits the sexual revolution of the 1960s as the prelude to the sexual perversion and “anything goes” mentality today, a time when “the pursuit of sexual pleasure has been detached from procreation.” He points to Romans I as being a perfect description of man’s rebellion against God today, culminating in even the church accepting such sin in verse 32, which Parsons says is as bad as the sin itself. He quotes one researcher who estimates that one in every five adult males in the United States has committed some type of child sexual abuse. One in six boys and one in four girls has been sexually abused before the age of sixteen, with the majority having been abused under the age of twelve! And today the push for pedophilia to be legalized and considered a “right” is gaining enormous traction. Global trafficking has become epidemic, with 87% of the victims being forced into sexual exploitation. Human trafficking and slavery is now a $150 billion industry!

And so, I have been thinking, just today, how amazing it would be if the Lord would return while I am yet here in prison. That would be the miracle I’ve been praying for. To top it off, today I received a letter from a couple who live in New Mexico who write me notes of encouragement every week or two. She said, “Greetings in Jesus Name again today with love and prayers to you, Kathie and your family as you share in our Lord’s sufferings and joy. He is coming and we await that day when the trumpet will sound and He will gather His children home. May He pour out His grace in your life today. Keeping you in prayer.” Her husband then added, “In our patience, we possess our souls – this is especially significant in the times described in Luke 21:7-36. Your circumstances are a part of these times, a testimony to the prophecy of God’s word. May the Lord continue to give you the patience to endure the challenges of these times and may He comfort you as you participate in the events now occurring.”

May God bless this couple for their continuing encouragement, especially as it encourages me in realizing that these trials we are living through also point to the soon coming of Christ our Savior (v 12). But it is only through enduring will “we gain our lives.” All praise to the Lord, we are part of God’s plan for the last days! What an encouragement, yet how sad for those who reject the truth.

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