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Day 153

Monday, May 6, 2019 -

I’m reading a fascinating study written by Michael Pearl called Eight Kingdoms. It confuses many Christians because, in some places, Scripture speaks of the kingdom of God and in other places, the kingdom of heaven. The two are very different - and this can be understood by doing a complete search and study of the hundreds of references. There are also six other kingdoms mentioned in Scripture, but the two I’ve mentioned are critical in understanding much of Scripture.

The basic difference between the two is that the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom – the timeless rule of God over all things. We are born again into this kingdom. Whereby the kingdom of heaven is the kingdom the God intends for our earth. It is physical and earthly.

When you do an in-depth study of all the kingdom of heaven parables in Matthew – 12 in all – it truly does outline from the perspective of those Jesus was speaking to and to whom Matthew was writing (the Jews). The kingdom of heaven, in its historic and futuristic control, is a complete chronological timeline. But as a background, one needs to study the Old Testament references to these kingdoms.

Anyway, I’m only halfway done, but this has especially provided me with a new perspective on the Scriptures and the parables of Matthew especially. Today, as the Scripture is now complete and we have the Holy Spirit to guide us, we have an understanding that those in Jesus’ presence had little chance of comprehending. How blessed we are!

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