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Day 410

Saturday, January 18. 2020 -

This morning I awakened late, and I’ll tell you why in a moment. But it was a rainy, windy, and cold day for an outside Bible study. Only two men besides myself showed up, both newer believers, and one of them being my spiritual son, “E.” We studied about the fact that Christ has freed us, or loosed us from the power of sin and Satan over our lives, as I’ve shared in this journal over the past 10 days or so. And it’s essential we recognize our powerlessness over sin in our lives. Overcoming through our own effort is impossible, and so consequently, we must confess our weakness to God, asking Him to free us so that we can be successful in battling sin and temptation. “KE” told me he especially needed this specific teaching at this particular moment in his life, because the battle over sin had reached a pivotal point for him.

The reason I was late waking up, was because I stayed awake last night listening to the Michael Savage radio program. He wasn’t speaking about the impeachment trial of President Trump like everyone else on the radio, but the discussion was how pornography is destroying our nation – something that has been a soapbox of mine for a long time.

He stated how both young men and young women are today avoiding marriage because of the impact pornography has had on their lives – albeit for various reasons. The men are not able to sexually function with a real woman, and the women feel inadequate compared to the porn stars, and neither gender feels adequate compared to what they’ve viewed since perhaps they were children. Nowadays kids at ages 8 and 9 are first likely to view pornography long before puberty, and it affects them for a lifetime. This is a tragedy. And even if men are able to perform sexually, they feel dissatisfied with themselves and with their wives or partners. So pornography destroys the healthy normal sexual relationship God intended between a man and his wife.

There are other repercussions – fewer marriages, higher divorce rates, low birth rates, and more.

He did not stress the spiritual aspects of porn addiction but did discuss how the churches and synagogues are silent when it comes to this plague, including evangelicals. Even evangelicals are today deceived into believing porn is legal and protected under the First Amendment. It is not! And case precedence has upheld the fact that obscenity is not protected free speech. It is not protected under the Bill of Rights, and its purveyance is illegal.

So why is it so prevalent? The short answer is money. Many if not most major corporations are somehow tied into the porn industry just as they are becoming tied into the marijuana industry. If not through the many branches of diversity in a company’s ventures, then through the ties of the members of the board of directors of the various corporations. Plus the politicians are by-and-large bought and paid for by money affiliated with the porn industry, so they do nothing to enforce our existing laws.

Michael Savage reiterated what I’ve been saying for years, that if the justice department and local law enforcement would become serious about enforcing the obscenity laws, this vile, disgusting industry could be shut down very quickly – even on the internet. The pornography industry is synonymous with prostitution, and it relies heavily on sex-trafficking. When a man or woman looks at pornography, they are in fact supporting the sex trafficking industry! It is no different than they themselves being a co-conspirator with a sex trafficker.

Unfortunately, its prevalence of use even among those attending evangelical churches and its pastors subtly discourages its discussion or admonition from the pulpit. The church today needs to seriously repent of its sin, and start being the salt and light in our society. Everything possible should be done to encourage law enforcement, both locally and nationally, to prosecute the crime of pornography and shut down its distribution. It is destroying the notion of the family in America and even in our churches. It is just one more nail in the coffin of the family nucleus which is essential for a free society. What is happening today, with regards to the prevalence of the way porn is destroying families, is fitting right into the Marxist revolutionary plan for America.

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