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Day 412

Monday, January 20, 2020 -

When I was falsely accused almost a decade and a half ago of child abuse, being targeted because ours was a homeschooling Christian family (see January 19, 2020), I delved deep into researching the whole history of social services and its abuse of power.

There are only two agencies where the Constitution does not matter, and where a person is considered guilty until proven innocent. The first is the Internal Revenue Service, of which I’ve also been a repeated target, and always exonerated; the other being social services. The more I learned about it, the more I discovered how many horrific abuses are taking place for families across America. And these abuses were actually set forth by Congress many decades ago when it decided to reimburse local communities for each child removed from a local family.

Unfortunately, when there are monetary incentives placed in front of people, opportunities for abusing the system often become prevalent. As in so many facets of life, money becomes the main motivator. And so it got to the point that social services became a significant portion of the revenue for the local governmental operators. Child abuse had been something that previously was handled by the local police forces. But now with the opportunities for significant financial revenues from the federal government, specialized courts sprang up, and the authority of social workers was placed above the law with little Constitutional protection for helpless families who more often or not could not afford the legal battle with the decks severely stacked against them.

And with federal monies flowing into local communities, few politicians were willing to tackle the court-ordered kidnapping for money that had become prevalent.

Not only that, but left-wing proponents of radical social experiments seized the opportunities to kidnap children from God-fearing homes and place them with homosexuals and other reprobate individuals. In New York State, homosexuals have reportedly pretty much taken over the social services. When Kathie and I lived there in the early 1980s, we tried to adopt but were turned down even though we were willing to adopt a racial minority or mixed-race child with handicaps. We were told because we are white, they would not place a black or mixed-race child in our home, and the only adoptable child would be a white teenager, which we were uninterested in adopting. We had only been married 1 ½ years.

I also discovered the investigative work of a Georgia state legislator who discovered that social services were placing kidnapped children with pedophiles, sex traffickers, and pornographers. Just as she was about to publish her work in a book and she was beginning production of a major documentary film exposé, she and her husband were mysteriously found dead. Many believe they were murdered, and I concur; the police apparently having been compromised. There were other egregious instances, one in which I actually spoke with the whistle-blower who had fled for her life. I ended up talking two of my clients into exposing this whole scheme of Congressional-sanctioned kidnapping, which ends up often targeting Christian and homeschooling families. These direct mail letters were quite successful, called on Congress to stop funding local social services, but they were short-lived, as it was one program among many. If anyone knows of a non-profit organization that would like to take on this fight as dangerous as it may be, I would love to help you make it successful in helping to generate a public outcry. This is the type of thing I know how to do best, and for forty years much of the work of my company, Response Unlimited, has been focused on fighting such similar battles. There’s always a danger to it, and it may be partially why I was targeted for the injustice I’m currently enduring. But it is worth it, just to save the life and dignity of one child.

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