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Day 413

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 -

In yesterday’s journal, you got a little glimpse of the ways the business, Response Unlimited, which God has entrusted to me, has been used to alert people of things they should know and should take a stand opposing or supporting critical causes primarily for Christians and God-fearing Americans. We’ve also been able to help many worthwhile Christian organizations to grow their support base significantly, which has brought tens of thousands to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

You see, God has given us as a company a unique gift of helping hundreds of organizations and worthy causes to utilize effectively the powerful medium of the letter, multiplied many times over, to increase their constituencies, rally people around their efforts to further their worthwhile mission and causes whatever it may be, and to do so in a manner which expends little or no net cost. Historically, God has blessed our overall efforts by bringing back to our clients, more than 90 cents out of every dollar spent, on average, when acquiring new donors for their cause. The biggest setback to getting organizations to utilizing direct mail, which has made a significant comeback in recent years, is the larger upfront costs as compared to other media, even though the return on investment is hundreds if not a thousand times better than email or social media. Email and social media are inexpensive to utilize but get a tiny fraction of the results a personal letter delivered to one’s mailbox receives.

What is so powerful about this method of communication is that it has such impact in educating people, making them aware of critical issues and opportunities, as I shared yesterday, and providing them with a means of making a difference by speaking up or supporting some sort of way to change things for the better. Since its founding in 1979, for example, Response Unlimited has been significantly responsible for helping to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, causing the pedophile group North American Man Boy Love Association to close their doors, to influence more than 60% of Americans to believe Barack Obama was ineligible to be President of the United States because of his forged birth certificate, to stop Nickelodeon from airing pro-homosexual cartoons, to win elections, to stop the US government from funding terrorist group in Syria that were killing Christians, and to denounce the genocidal policies of the Bashir government in the genocidal massacre of the Christian population of Sudan, to call for the indictment of Jeffrey Epstein and crackdown on the trafficking of underage girls by the powerful elite in the United States, the defeat of a lot of non-religious legislation, and I could go on and on.

It has always been my dream to have on hand a significant postage fund to help organizations with very worthy causes to get the message out, which can really make a difference for the kingdom and for this nation, to be loaned on a selective basis. For cash-strapped ministries and organizations, this would be a great incentive to take the risk with the larger up-front costs for a direct mail program. After the Lord’s been directing me for the past 40 years, I’ve got a very good idea of how to make a direct mail program very successful and minimize their risks with the Lord’s help. Especially if it’s a cause that demands the public’s attention and intervention. Some years the Lord’s enabled Response Unlimited to be responsible for as much as 50 million pieces of mail per year which has made a significant impact bringing people into the kingdom of God and slowing the decline of our freedoms and the decadence we are facing in the United States and Canada. There are so many, many worthwhile causes that have no idea how rapidly their organizations can grow using direct mail.

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