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Day 475

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

It didn’t dawn on me until last evening why yesterday had crept by so slowly and been such a difficult day. Mondays were almost always the days Kathie would come with one of my sons to visit me, and that was the highlight of my week. But it’s been three weeks now since we’ve seen each other because of my mom’s funeral in Tennessee, and then later that week, visitation shut down for a month! Kathie came on Mondays as the visiting room was less crowded and it only used one visitation point, of which we’re allotted ten per month (weekend and holiday visits take away three points). Add to that the fact that four days per week we’re locked in our unit, and it makes it even more difficult. Time is passing much slower these days.

Plus, Kathie has been ill with a bad cold and chest infection for most of March, and now her mouth is infected. I am very grateful she found some antibiotics yesterday and they seemed to have really helped her today.

Last night at supper someone told me President Trump had signed an executive order releasing all prisoners over 60 who are non-violent offenders, but Kathie and William checked and the news reports only indicated the President was considering it due to the coronavirus. But then last night “E” said he heard that the President planned to sign the executive order on Thursday. So we shall see.

However, as difficult as the lockdown has been, I have been able to spend a significant amount of time with “W,” the new believer, and what a joy that is.

Today, I did get to go outside for 1 ½ hours, and it was a sunny, crisp morning – just beautiful! And God is working on healing Kathie’s infection and, praise the Lord, she’s feeling much better today!

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