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Day 490

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 -

We are allowed during the coronavirus limited lockdown out of our cells for two hours a day now – half of our unit at a time. During this period, we’re supposed to make our phone calls, received and collect our emails, and take a shower all while wearing a face mask (with the exception we presume of taking a shower).

Considering the fact that 52 men are to do this utilizing two telephones, four computer terminals, and six showers it is chaotic. We are permitted 15-minute phone calls and 30 minutes on the email terminal. This means if each person took the full-time limit, only sixteen men can use the phones and 32 men can use the email terminals. It is a very unfair and stupid system.

Today I was so devasted. After waiting nearly 1 hour and 20 minutes for the phone, nobody answered the house phone and Kathie did not answer her cell phone. I gave up trying after about six tries and went to stand in line for the email. Fortunately, the line had diminished, and I was only 20 minutes. But the last email I had received from Kathie was about 6:00 p.m. on Monday (yesterday). These scenarios make me so nervous and remind me of when I couldn’t reach Kathie and hadn’t heard from her last year because she was in the hospital after her pneumonia had gotten so bad. This tests my faith, for certain. I had about 25 minutes left in the two hours when finishing with the email but gave up on trying to call again when the two hours ran out, after standing in line once again for the phones.

I pray tomorrow I will be able to talk to Kathie or at least have an email from her. I told her in my email today that I have two lifelines. The first is the Lord, but she is a very close second. I thrive on talking to both of them each and every day!

After all of this, I hadn’t had time to take a shower, and it’d been two days. So, I waited till the guard did his rounds and snuck into the showers for a quick wash.

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