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Day 496

Monday, April 13, 2020 -

As of today, more than 23,000 people have died from the COVID-19 coronavirus, including quite a few in various federal prisons. We have been told our prison, FCI Ashland, continues to be virus-free.

Guards are now wearing masks, which is great, and they have issued masks to inmates, which we are supposed to wear when outside of our cells. I praise the Lord we are virus-free.

However, I would love to be selected to be put on home confinement immediately due to the fact I am nearly 65 years of age, I have high blood pressure, I’ve had a heart attack, and have early diabetes.

In addition, I am considered at minimal risk for recidivism, have had no disciplinary incidents while in prison, and my sentence is more than half completed. I fit all the requirements for home confinement.

But since this prison has no cases of COVID-19, I doubt they have released anyone to home confinement because of it. Nobody from our unit has been so released, at least. I’ve heard rumors through “inmate.com” that eight have been released, but many rumors turn out to be false.

I continue to spend many hours a day with “W,” reading and studying the Scriptures, looking up the meaning of the original Greek or Hebrew texts using my dad’s Word Study New and Old Testaments and the respective dictionaries, and discussing the Gospel with other inmates. “W” is a very outgoing person with an exuberant personality. He is an unabashedly bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Great things are in store for his ministry.

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