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Day 503

Monday, April 20, 2020 -

“W” brought something to my attention over the weekend. He finished reading all of Paul’s epistles. He said, “Have you ever noticed how Paul tends to use ‘Christ Jesus’ much more than ‘Jesus Christ?’ Why is that? What is the meaning of Christ?”

I said, “Well Christ means ‘Messiah.’” He then said, “Messiah Jesus.” We went on to discuss the significance of that for the Jew, who had been looking for and awaiting the Messiah. Jesus was not what they expected in a Messiah, but He was and is the Messiah. “Messiah Jesus” tends to be much more meaningful and significant than saying “Jesus (the) Messiah,” for there is only one Messiah, God’s one and only Son who was sent as God incarnate, the God/Man, to redeem mankind of their sins, to all who call upon Him in repentance and faith. He indeed was sent to die in our place as individuals. He is our propitiation. He is The Perfect sacrificial Lamb who died once and for all.

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