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Day 74

Saturday, February 16, 2019 -

Kathie and I have been, over the past number of years, been in the midst of a great spiritual battle that affects far more than us and our family. Rule #5 in “The Red Sea Rules” says, “Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work.” The study guide asked me to write down my reaction and intended response to what I’ve learned from this rule taken from the Israelite’s reaction in Exodus 14. In this regard, the forces of evil controlled by Satan himself have attempted to use me, or coerce me, along with others, to submit to his evil way. If Satan had had his way, he would have destroyed the life of a precious little girl with continued sexual abuse, scarring her psyche for life. It could have fully destroyed God’s ordained plan for marriage and family. He could have ruined the influence my life has been in the lives of others, missionary endeavors I’ve been involved in, and critical issues that have faced this nation.

Satan has seemingly tried to do everything in his power to destroy my witness, testimony, and reputation.

I have followed God’s guidance all along the way, refusing to compromise the truth – or God’s way. And I have expected God to deliver me each step of the way, intervening in miraculous ways. In that regard, I never expected to be indicted, as no laws were broken. Nor did I expect to be found guilty since the government had a very weak case.

But it was an absolute miracle I was released on bail at my sentencing, and the fact I received the minimum sentence.

I also expected never to end up in prison, even after my sentencing, as I expected God to come through either with an appellate victory or a presidential pardon.

But was I anxious and fearful? Perhaps to some degree, but never to a degree of panic. We knew whatever happened would be for some reason God’s will, with which we are aligned. IN that regard, God has given Kathie and me inexplicable peace and endurance despite the concurrent physical (against Kathie) and financial attacks of Satan. We must continue to trust God regardless of circumstances. As a result, I believe God has used this time to draw both of us closer to the Lord and each other than ever before.

Yet now, as I wait patiently for God to move once again, to release me from prison and vindicate me, I recognize that this whole ordeal has indeed been an enormous spiritual battle in the heavenlies of which Kathie and I are just a small part of. Somehow I believe there will ultimately be consequences far beyond the time I have to spend in prison – yet we must continue to be obedient to our Lord and Savior.

In less than a week from the time I am writing this, the Supreme Court of the United States will decide whether or not to accept my certiorari petition and hear my case. And, unexpectedly, in their Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court, the Foundation for Moral Law asked my case to be heard and be reversed based on the argument that Janet Jenkins has no basis to be considered a parent. Indeed, she refused to attend Isabella’s birth, wanted nothing to do with Lisa’s child, was never “married” to her, said she did not want to adopt Isabella on multiple occasions, was not listed on Isabella’s birth certificate, and was not a natural parent. Furthermore, both the Constitution of Virginia and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act forbade the Vermont court’s recognition of her as a parent!

Perhaps this brief should the highest court in the land rule in favor of its argument, is what God had intended all along? I know not at this point, but it would not just result in my vindication, but that of Lisa and others convicted and implicated. It could also set a precedent for future cases regarding custodial disputes among lesbians.

So God’s got a purpose, or multiple purposes, for these travails, and I am anxiously waiting to see what God will do and how He will get the victory and glory!

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